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Raise awareness& cultural relevance of the Seedlip within a diverse group of consumers between 26-45 years old.

Perdido en la corteza




Nueva York, EE. UU.

D&AD Shift Brief Winner




Informed consumers seek continuous education.

A collaboration of young creators using Seedlip flavor profiles to make artistic pairings, and inspire repeat consumer support via subscription boxes.

To journey is more than just going from here, to there - it's where: along this incredible path, your senses are activated until, alas, you arrive to experience the collaboration of their efforts. How clever of you, to maintain your essence, made up of all the things you’ve adventured, while saving room for something new - and the way these stimuli are introduced is vital to the way they make you feel.

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Your nature, like nature, is precisely for you - the journey accompanying your realization of that, is too. So if you’re grabbing a glass to “clink” in celebration, or absorbing a view, some new relaxation, your uniqueness, and great taste are certain to drive you towards more, for the vehicle that moves you can show up right at your front door.

Presenting the Seedlip Subscription Box, where creative minds work together to take you on a delicious journey, from home.

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