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Perdido en la corteza



Photo Journalist



NYC 2020-2021

Lost in Cortex es un proyecto que explora el impacto del trauma en la formación de una memoria. La forma en que su cerebro "salva" un evento traumático es drásticamente diferente a cómo se "salva" un día de trabajo.  

Este proyecto es un recuerdo amoroso de mi tía Tess McGovern-Battle, quien falleció de un aneurisma cerebral el 4 de agosto de 2021. Era una persona brillante con una sonrisa contagiosa y una mente hermosa. 

Andrew Yang VS Paper Boy Basket Ball

Andrew Yang VS Paper Boy Basket Ball

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That being said, my time on the Paper Boy Prince campaign was not completely sunshine and roses. My eyes were opened to the nuance of politics campaigns up and close, and I learned the importance of keeping an objective view for the sake of telling a story.  The photos above show Paper being protested by Qween B. Amor, a political advocate / performance artist. This scene is from a “smoke out” facilitated by Paper Boy, something they have done around the city to protest the imprisonment of thousands of black men and women who are behind bars for marijuana, although it is legal (to carry up to 3 ounces)  in NYC.