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Increase awareness of suicide prevention resources among Gen Zers in the state of California, and increase help-seeking behaviors when they’re in crisis through an elevated UGC video.


Friends are the closest resource for youth struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts.


Show two youth making a pact to grow old together, using age filters to keep the content looking user made.

Let’s get old.
Wrinkles and greys, sunspots and stories. Scars.
The beauty of getting old together is that we’re
together when it’s hard. And in those moments, that
you want to quit, I remind you that we decided to
see each other grow old and grey. Who else will I
make fun of until the end of time?

When I can’t
stand, you are there for me to lean on. The tears
and the rage, the dark times and moments of
comfort. We are there together. You are never a
bother. Because we decided, that we’d get old

Reach out to your loved ones, and
embrace the beauty of living through life's
hardships. Receive support for suicidal thoughts at



Never a Bother is a campaign for the California Department of Public Health’s Office of Suicide Prevention. This campaign is focused on youth suicide prevention and awareness among youth up to age 25 who are Hispanic/Latinx, Native American and Alaskan Native, and/or Black/African American, 2SLGBTQ+ and their friends/allies. 




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