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Seedlip: Fields to Feels


Creative Director 




NYC 2022


The creators, a collection of artists/crafters within any given field, that use nature and organic components to develop Seedlip parrings through their medium. For each creator, we used the senses as umbrellas, to have what they bring to life act as physical representations of just how utilitarian Seedlip flavor profiles can be.  



The most remarkable aspect of drinking Seedlip is it’s capability to activate your senses as you consume it.

Raise awareness& cultural relevance of the Seedlip within a diverse group of consumers between 26-45 years old.


A sense-based three part curated subscription box in collaboration with Seedlip Creators, LIFI, and Master Class.

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Joel's journey with Seedlips “Garden” lead him back to his Bolivian Roots, where he stopped along the way to see the marriage of freshness and zest.

This road brought him to, an illustration of a pickle and a poem about the “Adventurers Drink”.

Joel Bautista is a NYC-based illustrator.

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Visually documenting the process that each of these creators undergoes would act as a great source of content, teaching moments for ways to enjoy Seedlip and a vessel for inspiring the supporters of each collaborator to experience Seedlip for themselves. 

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Water your Lifi box every 1-2 days and in 2-3 weeks watch your labor of love bloom into fresh herbs. Lifi herbs will be paired cohesively with the Seedlip drink of choice, products made by our creators, and with the dish created in the Seedlip Master Class.

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The subscription box will include a Masterclass session based on the artist's heritage, art piece, or geographical location.


To pair with Joel’s seedlip experience, Chef Thomas Keller would lead a class on making Bolivian Saltenas, and a pickled chola salad, allowing consumers to use their lifi herbs in their dish!

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The three elements of this subscription box ensure that it speaks with Seedlip at heart. From thoughtfully selected creators, to home grown herbs, to a tailored seedlip masterclass, the Fields to Feels subscription box is a mindful and intentional way to introduce consumers to what we love the most about Seedlip as a brand. Intent, and a love for your nature.

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