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Grace Mc Nally (she/her) is

a creative renaissance woman with a passion for community. Born & raised in Queens by two creative & crafty Irish Immigrants. 


She is a skilled photographer, with over 7 years of experience running Allegro Photo Industries a full-production service, and having won multiple awards for her work.

In her free time, she plays video games & ladies' Gaelic football, produces an immigrant-centered cooking show, colors with children, styles artists and roams the world dripping head to toe looking to make people smile.  

Download my resume here↓


Photographer who

loved graphic design...

...Fashionable Photo Retoucher

who produced Night Events...

...Music Video Director,

Video & Film Production...

...Agency Mid Level

Art Director, Content Creator

Social Art Direction,

Community Outreach,


Open to it all!

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