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Grace Mc Nally (she/her) is

an endlessly inspired multi-disciplinary creative.

A photographer with a love for graphic design, turned Art Director with a focus on social with a love for production and content creation.

I have many loves, gaming, fashion, live performers, hot chips & european chocolate, but ultimately, 

My passion lies in people.

As in: Small Businesses, Immigrant Stories, uplifting future generations, Mental Health, supporting culture carriers, and more.

My tools of choice:

  • Content Creation

  • Photo Manipulation 

  • Social Journalism

  • Creative Production

  • Collage

  • Spoken Word

  • Fashion

  • Storyboarding

  • Community Art Organization

         a fire creative for hire!

  1. Art Direction

  2. Content Creation

  3. Creative Production

  4. Animation

  5. Graphic Design

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