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Copy Writer


Event Producer

NY, 2021

Lost in Cortex is a project exploring the impact of trauma on the formation of a memory. How your brain "saves" a traumatic event is drastically different than how a day at work is "saved".   Part of this project was a gallery showing childhood memories and photos distorted and mangled, representing memories that were not all there. This project also features a 28 page zine, many of its photos are featured here. The following written piece is an article I wrote on the project for 20XX magazine, detailing this process of mangled memories with a specific experience of my own.


Explore the brain and its ability to protect you from your own memories. 


Tell the story of memories of assault being hidden in your mind in a literal sense through an article as well as in a visual way through photography and an in person activation with distorted memories decorating the room.

This project is in loving memory of my aunt Tess McGovern-Battle, who passed away from a brain aneurysm on August 4th, 2021. She was a bright person with a contagious smile and a beautiful mind. 


Excerpt from 20XX Article, How your Brain hides from you.


The zine features a glow in the dark casing