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Adidas: The Stoop + Untold Stories




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NYC 2022

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Create a strategy for locally-led community engagement & programming within Adidas retail and share how those moments can come to life on Adidas digital and social platforms.



The first thought that came to our minds when we thought of Innovation and Community? Stickball BLVD and the stickball community. Stickball was created during the great depression when people didn’t have the money to buy bats to play ball. Your mom handed you a broom to go do your chores. Instead, you popped off the handle and ran to the street to play some ball. We honor that innovation, that resourcefulness, and the communities that it thrives in.


To us, stickball proves that 


The Bronx is NY's most stigmatized borough. It's also the home to generations of innovators who work with what they’ve got, the history of Stickball being a great example. Women in the Bronx lack resources to level up their game on and off the field.


Repurpose an abandoned building in the Bronx and create a women-focused community center. Use Adidas Social + Digital platforms to push docuseries created by community residents highlighting female glass ceiling breakers of NY.

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Adidas has the unique opportunity to perform a brand act in the Bronx.


Adidas will reach an untapped audience while becoming a catalyst for multigenerational change by transforming an abandoned building into a women-focused community center.

This will provide Bronx Natives the resources to innovate and elevate their communities by becoming competitors on and off the field.

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Use Adidas Social + Digital platforms to push local-led docuseries highlighting inspirational female glass ceiling breakers of NY.

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