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Lost In

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Copy Writer

Creative Director


Event Producer

NY, 2021

This project is in loving memory of my aunt Tess McGovern-Battle, who passed away from a brain aneurysm on August 4th, 2021. She was a bright person with a contagious smile and a beautiful mind. 


Excerpt from 20XX Article, How your Brain hides from you.


The zine features a hand printed glow in the dark casing.

Lost in Cortex is a project exploring the impact of trauma on the formation of a memory. How your brain "saves" a traumatic event is drastically different than how a day at work is "saved".   Part of this project was a gallery showing childhood memories and photos distorted and mangled, representing memories that were not all there. This project also features a 28 page zine, many of its photos are featured here. The following written piece is an article I wrote on the project for 20XX magazine, detailing this process of mangled memories with a specific experience of my own.

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